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AristEng S.à r.l. is an engineering consulting firm (SME) which provides tailormade and fit-for-purpose engineering services to clients of diverse background, namely industry, research institutes, universities, and project consortia.

By linking research/experimental results/real production line data with process design and synthesis principles, AristEng S.à r.l. performs high level techno – economic evaluation and environmental impact assessment of novel processes and new products at any phase of the project development: from embryonic lab-scale concepts to mature industrial-scale facilities.

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ELECTRO: Electrified conversion of plastic waste into olefins & downstream integration

14.2 Μ €
12 partners

Demonstration of Sonication and Microwave Processing of essential chemicals

9.4 Μ €
13 partners

An electrochemically produced oxidiser for modular, onsite generation of HYdrogenPERoxide

7.2 Μ €
12 partners

A novel multi-stage steam gasification and syngas purification demonstration plant for waste to hydrogen conversion

10 Μ €
16 partners

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Production of advanced bioFUELS via pyrolysis and UPgrading of 100% biogenic residues for aviation and marine sector, including full valorisation of side streams

8.4 Μ €
12 partners

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Staff Exchange project

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Our Approach

We employ in-house developed process design simulators and thermodynamic equilibria calculation codes as well as commercial certified software to perform all the relevant inventory data required for the further analysis.

Moreover, AristEng S.à r.l. has unlimited access to various experimental/lab infrastructure of their partners and scientific collaborators which can be directly used when needed, i.e. to develop/prove/validate novel concepts of low/medium technology readiness level (TRL1-TRL4).


Join the Aristeng community to go beyond the headlines and get deeper insights into the climate challenge we face and the solutions that will get us to zero.

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