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We employ suitable, high-level simulation tools and apply solid and well-established methodologies to realize significant cost and energy-demand reduction in tandem with assessment of the overall environmental impact.

Advanced conceptual process and product design

Starting from a targeted product and core technology, alternative process block diagrams which depict the global production process, including upstream and downstream sections, are developed and evaluated with respect to different key performance indicators. For the most promising one(s), different unit operations are considered, designed, optimized and again evaluated. The final process flow diagram is determined at a high quality basic-engineering level. Material and energy flows as well as preliminary economic data are also defined.

Energy optimization: Energy analysis and heat integration

The energy savings potential of complex processes is determined via a thorough energy minimization approach. By applying thermodynamic sensitivity analysis and heat integration on the basis of pinch analysis, the grand composite curves are plotted and the available energy pockets are identified. Finally, the optimum heat exchanger network is designed and evaluated through a cost benefit analysis.

Feasibility study: Techno-economic evaluation

On the basis of material and energy flows, the operating (OPEX) and the capital expenditure (CAPEX) are estimated; different CAPEX estimation approaches are usually employed in order to attain as high accuracy as possible (±25%). Upon preliminary market analysis and sales projections, economic indicators such as return on investment (ROI), payout time (POT), internal rate of return (IRR), net present value (NPV) and cash flow analysis are calculated. Relevant sensitivity analyses are eventually performed to define breakeven production costs and product selling prices.

Life-cycle-assessment (LCA)

The life cycle inventory data obtained based on material and energy balance are used to estimate the environmental impact indicators. The appropriate impact categories are carefully selected considering the type of process and the targeted product. Different scenarios of diverse feedstocks and energy sources are examined and, uncertainty analysis using Monte Carlo simulations are applied to assess the robustness of the conclusions. The most promising scenarios are benchmarked against other peer and conventional processes.

Market analysis & Sales projection

The market potential and sales projection are determined based on literature data and annual reports and, in view of technological constraints consideration. This analysis is usually part of a broader techno-economic evaluation study.

Technology benchmarking: Swot analysis

To identify the market position of a new process/product/technology, a thorough analysis is performed to define the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT). The objective of the analysis is to boost the strengths and improve the weaknesses at the developing phase by redesigning, revamping and reconsidering early design inputs and decisions. Holistic technology benchmarking, considering the economic potential and environmental profile is mostly targeted.

Guidance for design of experiments

We can assist you to design your experimental plan. Rational heterogeneous catalyst design for industrial (and non) -relevant reactions along with characterization of the materials, considering the possibilities and limitations that several techniques can have, comprise part of our expertise. Catalyst testing protocol can be developed based on the desired reaction. Our expertise and interests range from electrified processes for hydrocarbons treating and CO2 valorization abatement to proof of concepts on CO2 capture and utilization processes, as well as olefins production.

Assistance – Advising on project proposal writing

Our team can help you to write a competitive proposal for grant acquisition across several research areas, such as energy, climate change, electrified processes and circular economy. We can actively support you providing some preliminary calculations of thermodynamics, process efficiency, process economics and process environmental impact, followed by high-level assessment.

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