EU awards HYIELD Consortium €10 million grant for innovative Waste-to-Green Hydrogen technology

  • The HYIELD project, co-funded by the European Commission’s Horizon Europe program, aims to develop a new pathway for waste valorisation and green hydrogen production.
  • A consortium of 16 partners from Spain, France, Luxembourg, Norway, Germany, and Switzerland is putting in place a 15.5M€ investment for a 3MWth demonstration plant.
  • The demonstration project based on the WtEnergy Advanced Solutions CleanTech gasification technology and H2Site membrane separation system will generate more than 400 tonnes of green hydrogen from waste.

The European Union has awarded HYIELD Consortium a €10 million grant for the R&D to develop a Waste to Hydrogen demonstration plant that, from waste, will allow the production of hydrogen.

Europe currently produces 300 million tonnes of waste with the potential to produce over 30 million tons of green hydrogen. It is this potential that HYIELD aims to unlock. During the 4-year project, novel technologies and processes will be integrated to efficiently and robustly convert biogenic waste streams into high purity green hydrogen at a very competitive cost, to demonstrate its application to help decarbonise different sectors, including shipping, aviation and energy intensive industry.

Under the coordination of MAGTEL, the HYIELD project consortium is formed by other Spanish partners: WtEnergy Advanced Solutions, H2SITE, CEMEX, VEOLIA, ENAGAS, EURECAT, CETAQUA, Inveniam Group, CISC and La Farga;  along with MINCATEC ENERGY (France), SINTEF (Norway), ARISTENG (Luxembourg), ArcelorMittal (Germany) and Synhelion (Switzerland).

Representatives of the HYIELD Consortium said: “We are delighted to be a participant of this impactful R&D project that brings together a wide range of skills and experience from across research, tech, energy and heavy industry. We hope the project can open a new low-cost pathway for clean green hydrogen production in Europe, as well as creating new opportunities for waste valorisation and job creation”.

The demonstration scale waste-to-hydrogen plant will be tested at a CEMEX cement factory in Spain. During the project, the plant is expected to process over 2,000t of waste and produce nearly 400t of green hydrogen which will be proved for different industry uses such as clean fuels, fertilizers production, steel industry and others.

The consortium brings to the project experience in waste management, hydrogen production and thermo-chemical processes to address this challenge. Moreover, the project will pave the way for commercial scale-up and replication of waste-to-hydrogen plants across Europe.

HYIELD project has been approved for funding in response to the Horizon Europe call “Waste to Hydrogen demonstration plant (HORIZON-JTI-CLEANH2-2023-01-05)”. The call is led by the Clean Hydrogen Partnership (Clean Hydrogen JU), the body that oversees EU funding and R&I activities related to hydrogen, with the objective of supporting the EU Green Deal and Hydrogen Strategy.