Dr. Stavros Theofanidis
Dr. Stavros Theofanidis
(co-founder and CTO)
About Me

Stavros-Alexandros Theofanidis was born in Ptolemaida.

He received his bachelor and master’s degree in chemical engineering on April 2013 from the Chemical Engineering Department of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In January 2014, he joined the Laboratory for Chemical Technology (LCT) of Ghent University, to pursue a PhD degree under the supervision of Dr. Vladimir Galvita and Prof. Guy Marin, from where he graduated on October 2017. He further stayed as a postdoctoral researcher in Ghent university until June 2018. His work focused on syngas production and CO2 utilization, actively involved in catalysts synthesis, characterization and testing using advanced in-situ and operando techniques.

In July 2019, he joined the Laboratory of Petrochemical Technology in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki as a postdoctoral researcher where he was involved into two projects: CO2-assisted oxidative dehydrogenation of alkanes (supported by Hellenic Foundation Research & Innovation, HFRI-FM17-1899) and valorization of plastic waste pyrolysis gases back to monomers (H2020 MSCA ITN C-PlaNeT). 

His latest research activities are focused on catalytic processes for CO2 abatement, light olefins production, plastic waste valorization, processes design and life cycle assessment.

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