M.Eng. Spyros Kyrimis
M.Eng. Spyros Kyrimis
Chemical Engineer
About Me

Spyros Kyrimis was born in Athens, Greece.

He earned his bachelor and master's degree in Chemical Engineering from National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in July 2022 and was honored with the 3rd award for outstanding performance. His master thesis is focused on the development of a decision-making system for epidemiological risk management based on system control techniques. In 2022, he joined the Laboratory of Industrial and Energy Economics (LIEE) in NTUA, as an associate researcher. He supports research projects and laboratory teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate courses. He is also coordinator of the LIEE Business Game, at several cities in Greece.

He also has brief experience in the industrial and consulting sector, through internships in MOH’s Refinery, PPC’s Power Plant and Break-Even Consulting. His latest research activities are focused on feasibility studies and techno-economic evaluation of “green” process engineering investments, such as hydrogen injection in natural gas pipelines and biogas power plants.

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